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At Opulence International Consult we make your dream of studying abroad
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with vast experience over the years, you can be sure we have you covered.

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Student Application, Visa counseling and Guidance, IELTS and TOEFL registeration and


We are Strategic about our recruitment positioning. We believe in placing you at the very best institutions for your moneys worth. We provide affordable quality.

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Opulence International Consult  is a leading strategic and resourceful student recruiting agency. We credit ourselves as your one stop shop as far as studying abroad goes. We offer a wide variety of services tailored around studying abroad. At OIConsult every location is considered to guarantee your every chance at success.
OIConsult was established in 2014  in Nigeria and is working on spreading our reach to every area of the country we have also signed up with quite a number of partner universities and still ongoing to increase enhanced service and guaranteed placement for every student that go through us. At OIConsult our client’s/student success is our greatest asset ……..